Q-Fit Online

For the perfect fit, a customer should visit our showroom to set up an appointment with Lanny for a custom fitting session using the Vector Launch Monitor system. After 20 years of experience we can also use a Static fit system as listed below. Please take time to fill out the Dr. Golf Static Fit system profile sheet, and we will custom fit you with your next club, or set of clubs.

Q-Fit Online

Please complete the following form as accurately as possible and then click on the submit button at the bottom.
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  • Tell us about the club(s) you are presently using and why you are interested in replacing or adding a club in the field above.

  • Player Profile

    Custom club fitting requires accurate height and wrist-to-floor measurements. Use the natural crease where your hand ends and your arm begins when taking the wrist-to-floor measurement.

  • Swing and Flight Parameters

    If you have selected an Iron as the Club Type above, then base the following parameters (Average Distance, Desired Trajectory, and Swing Tempo) on your 7 Iron. For all other club types base the following selections on your Driver.
  • Pace of your swing from the back swing through the down swing.

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