Q-Fit Process

The process for custom fitting at Dr. Golf involves a personal approach beginning with an evaluation of your present equipment. In order to study strengths, weakness, yardage, inconsistencies, etc. we take you on a trip to the range. In a natural setting we assess your individual needs for the perfect fit.

The services of a professional club fitter are necessary to correctly fit and build the proper clubs for you. These skilled craftsmen are able to build golf clubs with precise specifications that will maximize your performance. The mechanics required to create the perfect set of custom fitted clubs include:

  • A player’s static measurements (height, hand size, arm length, and the distance to the floor from the wrist)
  • Proper Loft and Lie measurements for each club
  • Measurements which include:
    1. Swing Speed
    2. Ball speed
    3. Ball flight characteristics (launch angle, trajectory, spin rates)

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